Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Who?`

To me, ya'll!
The big 2.5. today and the weather here is HORRIBLE! I am stuck in my house because of tropical storm Faye and all plans have been cancelled for a celebration. I was really looking forward to having a great 25th birthday...but it seems the best I can do is go to CVS and buy myself a protein bar :-)
No worries though...I am sure some sort of celebration will ensue week perhaps?
On a high note I have lost 65lbs and am more determined than ever to get to 100 by Christmas :-)

Hope you are all havin a blessed and dry day....
Phat Teacher

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank You!

Hi all,
I just wanted to write THANK YOU to all of you who continually read and comment on my blog.
Sometimes it seems like no one reads this thing...but i am reassure by your kind and encouraging words each post.
I will do my best to post more frequently. Bare with me...I just went back to work and the first month with new teenagers is always an adjustment (to say the least).
Just know that even though things with my weightloss have gotten harder I am NOT giving up! I got this far....I will make it to my goal by December!

Hope you're all well!!!

Will post soon..
Phat Teacher :-)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Inches but not Pounds

Hi all,
I write this post a bit solumn. I should be joyous! I bought new cloths yesterday that were size 16/18--xl; 2 size 18 pair of pants! I haven't worn that size in years. Why am I sad? Because the scale isn't moving, I have lost my motivation to work out, my eating habits are faltering and I can only afford to meet with my trainer once a month. I feel at a stand-still here. I feel like I am getting satisfied with losing 60lbs and not pushing myself hard enough to get to the next 40. When I set a goal I HAVE to reach it! I don't want to repeat past mistakes here...and I won't let that happen. If you pray, include me in your's. I need a renewed motivation and strength. I need any advice that you can offer! I need that inspiration I had on day 1!

Feeling helpless,
Phat Teacher